Our Public Works Staff
Public Works Employees
(l to r) Director Ellis Evans, Albert Cooper, Bennie Graham
and Ernie Scurry

Planning & Zoning Commission:
Kenneth Lee, Chairman
Mary Ellen Brigman, Secretary
Luther Faulk 
Betty Coker
Doyl Gray
Term 2016
Term 2017
Term 2015
Term 2015
Term 2017

Appeals Committee:
Winnie Ricketts
Anna Buddin
Rhett Floyd
Nancy Mcfaddin
Term 2015
Term 2015
Term 2016
Term 2016

Tree Board:
Dr. Kate E. Smith, Chairman
Herbert Mims
Judy Coker
Sonya Fullard

Term 2016
Term 2016
Term 2017
Term 2017


Town Clerk  Faye G. Atkinson
Town Clerk III  Margie Edge
Town Administrator Rodney Johnson

Chief of Police:   F. David Jones
 Public Works Director:  Ellis Evans

Recreation Director: Barry Hodge
Zoning AdministratorRay Morris
Building Inspector: Ray Morris

Town Attorney  William Johnson

Town Magistrate  Luci M. Coleman 

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